IATA Direct


For urgent consignments being sent directly from the shipper to the consignee on the next available flight.

Free Domicile

Do you need to send a consignment and pay all the charges including at the airport of destination and delivery to the consignees warehouse/office.

In this case, we use our agent at the airport of destination to take care of all the formalities.

Before we send any free domicile consignment, we request all the charges involved so that there are no hidden suprises on the final invoice.

This is normally the most economical way to transport a small consignment to your client by airfreight. 

All the consignments are collected and delivered to the airline on a Friday evening for a weekend departure. 

The MAWB is consigned to our agent, at the airport of destination, a HAWB is issued for each consignment allowing it to be customs cleared independently.


If your consignment is too urgent for IATA direct serice then we can offer you an on board courier, who will physically take your consignment onto the aircraft as a passanger.

Cargo Aircraft Charter

For larger consignments which require special handling or need to be sent to an airport where there is no regular cargo service. We can arrange the charter of an aircraft type to accomodate the size of the consignment.

Special Handling & Supervision

There are several types of special consigments which may require special handling and/or supervision. We are ready to help guide you through the process.

If you require additional information, why not contact one of our dedicated account managers.

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